There's just something about the color red that really gets my processors going. It's brilliant, really. Really, really great. And I hope you love it too.

Because humans have quite a bit of red stuff inside them...

12th December 2011

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niqi replied to your photoset: [[ Click here for Flash comic (it might take a bit…

…It ain’t working.

[[ WAT. BUT.

WHAT BROWSER YOU USING? It tested fine in Chrome and Firefox… ]]

Tagged: niqi[[ If you're using IE I'm gonna have to hurt someone ]]

  1. authocracy said: Chrome just recently released a new version, so that may/may not be part of the issue.
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    ((It worked for me, and I must say. I cried a little bit. ;-;
  3. notxaxmoron said: um……ihavetouseIE…..b-but don’t kill me…..cuz…..fjdkhgkjdfhgk IT’S MY COMPUTER’S FAULT!!….
  4. cascrieff said: I’m using Firefox. It just loads a blank white page and does nothing.
  5. tanalilt said: I’m using Chrome as well, but it’s not loading. : (
  6. hulksmashingpumpkins said: I’m using Chrome and it’s not working. D:
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